Yet Another Weight Loss Show #3 – 248 – Holding Steady


I’m back after missing an episode last week, so you’re getting two for the price of one this time – and who doesn’t love a deal like that?

I’ve got some notes from the show I was going to do last Saturday, and they are these:

I dropped a pound! Scream it from the mountaintops, I dropped a pound!

No, it doesn’t seem like much. No, it’s not as dramatic as the 5 that I lost in one week a while back (the first week that I tried South Beach). It doesn’t seem like a big deal… and it’s not. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a fairly good-sized deal. It’s a healthy amount of weight to lose in a week, and I wasn’t miserable all week denying myself foods that I normally enjoy.

I’m still off the fast food, and I – for the most part – didn’t snack on things that I intended to drop. Last week I said that I was going to cut out things like potato and tortilla chips, certain crackers, and other snacks that aren’t particularly healthy. This week was good as far as that goes, but I did eat some tortilla chips on the side of a taco salad that I made for dinner one night.

And that’s the lesson of the week. You don’t need to completely eliminate foods from your diet. A handful of chips with the meal? Cool. A bag of chips sitting on the couch watching TV? Not cool.

Since last Saturday, things haven’t been so smooth. I caved a few times and hit the drive-thru, though my snacking habits got fairly turned around for the better. I’m still at 248, so at least I didn’t go up, but all in all, it was not a great week.

I examined the differences in my experience with smoking cessation and weight loss, and also mentioned The Great American Detox Diet (written by Alex Jamieson, whose name I couldn’t recall during the recording). So I’m not making huge progress, but holding steady is better than going in the wrong direction.

Starting tomorrow, it’s all about renewing the committment and working out my triggers when it comes to fast food as well as starting on portion control and calorie counting using the Lose It! app for iPhone.

I wrapped the show with Road to Thin, another weight loss project that I’m involved with. It’s definitely worth a look, and we’d love to hear what you think of it.

The call-in line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I would love to hear your thoughts about what I’m doing at any stage of the game. Please feel free to leave a voicemail. The number is 281-826-2112, and if you’ll just tell me your name and where you’re from, that would be very, very appreciated.

Thanks for listening!


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  1. Okay, I've got to encourage you in this effort. First, kudos for being a quitter on the smoking front. Second, experiment because I don't know any lifestyle change (diet) that works for everybody. People have to find what works for them. Personally, what worked for me was eating food bars for breakfast, reducing portions, eliminating fast food, watching the carbs and hitting the gym regularly (I got hooked, go figure). Eating in the morning was the hardest part for me because I am not a morning person, but that went a long way in helping me. Good luck. Keep it going. The start is always the hardest. Remember, everything is hard before it's easy!

    1. Thanks, Randy! I think that a lot of what I'm trying is in line with what you described, and like you, I'm not a morning person at all. My normal routine is not to eat anything at all until I've been up for several hours, even skipping breakfast altogether and having lunch at 11am. That's got to change, because I don't think I've ever read anything from anyone on the subject of weight loss that says skipping breakfast is okay.I've just started reading Timothy Ferriss' new book, The 4-hour Body, and the section on weight loss/fat burning is quite good… it also more or less lines up with what I was planning, but with less emphasis on calorie counting. Once I finish the section, I think I'll be incorporating some of the techniques he's described.Thanks for the support, it means a lot.

  2. I am so behind the times – since I'm just catching up on your podcasts now, the launch of Road to Thin is news to me.

    Very cool stuff – more for me to queue up and listen when I'm out working up a sweat.

    1. I have to admit we haven’t done a great job of promoting that show over the past couple of months. We need to step it up a notch. Part of the point is that we use it as an accountability tool – and while using each other to keep on track, it would be better to be answerable to a large audience!

      1. Are any/all of you using Nike+, DailyMile, MapMyFitness or anything like that to publicly post exercise info?

        1. No, not yet. The main thing we all started with was diet. I think exercise is going to come into play soon. For me, I can’t so much until I relieve some of the pressure on my lower back due to the weight I carry up front. With a pair of mostly-healed-but-still-dangerous herniated disks, any kind of bad exercise can cause lasting damage.

          1. Diet is the part I need to nail down – it would help if there were a contraption to slap me in the face each time I eat junk.

          2. You can do what I did and develop a medical condition that gives you horrible pain whenever you eat badly.

            I'm going to talk about it on the new episode tomorrow, but I found myself in a situation recently where it was either go through McDonald's or wait another 90 minutes before I could eat anything, and I hadn't eaten yet that day. So I broke down and had a little bit – not a lot – of fast food. Two hours later, it triggered one of my gall bladder attacks. Can't get any more obvious than that.

            Yep, it turns out that fast food is now poisonous to me.

            [edit] As I was prepping for episode 8, just posted, I realized it wasn’t 90 minutes like I said here. 90 minutes would have been around the time I would have been home from picking up Winter at school. This was on a swim lessons day, and it would have been another four hours until I could eat. That makes a little more sense lol [/edit]

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