Yet Another Weight Loss Show #9 – 235 – Still Winning


Here we are on the ninth episode of Yet Another Weight Loss Show, and it’s my third consecutive check-in with a loss. It almost wasn’t – yesterday I weighed in at 236 for our Road to Thin podcast, today I came in at 235. Well, no matter – I’ll take it!

This past week was a little hit-and-miss. I didn’t keep up the rate that I had the week before, only coming down one pound vs. the four the week before. It was enough to put me ahead in the challenge that we had over at Road to Thin, though.

This coming week is all about exercise and incorporating calorie-burning walking into the mix. I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a plateau with my metabolism, and getting the body moving could be exactly what I need to jumpstart it again. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Thanks for listening, see you next weekend!

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