Greg Hoffman: PR Flack – Zap! #192


In which Daniel and Greg talk a lot about Las Vegas, a lot about Greg’s new public relations services, a little about the holidays, and a bit about Daniel’s atheism. Fun!

Affiliate Summit West 2013 is coming up in a few days, and Greg and I are getting ready for our annual trip to Las Vegas! In our opening segment, we cover hotels, gambling, hitting downtown Las Vegas, and how to get great deals using a Facebook game called MyVegas. The game’s fan group that I mentioned is the MyVegas Friends and Deals group.

Our second segment is Greg’s big announcement: the expansion of Greg Hoffman Consulting to include public relations services! While many OPMs shy away from being a full-service “everything to everyone” deal, Greg is going to embrace that philosophy and run with it. You will absolutely want to hear the details of this because it will be a boon to both merchants and affiliates alike.

We wrapped up with a segment about the holidays and how an atheist like me celebrates Christmas. We do, you know. If you’ve ever been curious about how a rational, sane atheist handles the holidays, listen in. I promise, I did my best not to alienate, upset, or taunt anyone. After that, we transitioned into a brief discussion of being rational and me being a big fan of logic and how I apply that to controversial issues like gun control. Oh yeah, we had some fun with this episode ;)

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