Happy Sea Serpent Day! – Zap! #4/174


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk about movies, an upcoming podcasting eBook, an awesome new independent comic, Doctor Who and Affiliate Summit. Also: crabs. The good kind.

We opened with a bit about Sea Serpent Day and Bigfoots. Bigfeet? Which led into a discussion of 70’s television – Wonder Woman, Battlestar Galactica and the Six Million Dollar Man.

I had just one more thing to say about The Dark Knight Rises. Just one. Well, it took about 4 minutes to say, but still. Also, Total Recall was a major disappointment at the box office last weekend apparently, though we thought it looked pretty good in the trailers.

Next up was my big announcement. I’m writing the ultimate guide to podcasting for New Media Expo (formerly BlogWorld). The project is as-yet untitled, but it will be at least 100 pages of in-depth material for aspiring podcasters. I have a preliminary outline completed, and it’s a really exciting project. Everything you ever wanted to know about podcasting but were afraid to ask. It’ll be released in October and you can get it free of charge via NMX.

Last Friday I attended a wonderful presentation at Joe’s Crab Shack here in Houston. Myself and about a dozen local bloggers were invited to try out a wide variety of items from the menu as well as new items that will be debuting this fall. We sampled many excellent drinks (including the Shark Bite, which tastes like a sno-cone). There were desserts as well. I strongly recommend getting out to a Joe’s in the near future if you haven’t been to one in your area. They put me in a food coma… the best kind of coma to find yourself in. Try the Samuel Adams Steam Pot. It’s amazing.

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We will be in New York City in just a few days to attend Affiliate Summit East 2012. Greg gave us the lowdown on the pizza party that he’s hosting on Sunday evening, we chatted about our sessions, the Newcomer Program meetup, and the baseball game. Greg was also really impressed by a package sent to him by Scott Krager of SERPS.com.

A discussion about Facebook cover photos led to a discussion about DC Comics’ claim that they’ve seen a 30% increase over the past year and why I think that’s a disingenuous number at best. I related the back-and-forth I had with the person/people that run the Newsarama Facebook page about this.

Drew is running a contest to give away a copy of a new independent comic, The Only Living Boy. This is an all-ages title (well, recommended for 9+, so almost all-ages) and it looks fantastic. Great art, and there’s a short preview available online. Don’t enter for a chance to win though, because I want to win, and you’ll just get in my way… but if you insist, hit that link and enter over at BenSpark.com.

We wrapped up with a discussion of Doctor Who and the evolution of books. Is print dead? Should it be?

Thanks for listening!

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