It’s the Movie We Deserve, But Not the One We Need – Zap! #3/173


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk at length about The Dark Knight Rises. Also, the Olympics for a few minutes. But pretty much The Dark Knight Rises for most of the show.

(No video this week, sorry. Camera issues on my end.)

We opened with a wrap-up from Drew about National Hot Dog Month, which is now over. Many hot dogs were eaten, and only one injury!

Our main topic this time was one of the most talked-about, eagerly-awaited films of the year. I’m talking of course, about Step Up Revolution. I thought that Christian Bale’s portrayal of a shy but plucky street dancer missed the mark a bit, but his love interest, played by Emma Stone, was fantastic. It’s possible I’m mixing up a few movies here, but whatever – I can’t be much more convoluted than the the Batman movie. We spent about 45 minutes talking about this film and hey, SPOILERS. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Greg and Drew liked it a lot. Me? Not so much.

Greg mentioned Paul Frees, someone worth noting. You have no doubt heard his voice before, now you can put a name to it.

We wrapped with a bit about the Olympics, and how social media is affecting the games (hint: it’s not going well—but you probably guessed that).

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  1. I liked the movie, but then again, I've never read the comics, and didn't even see the two previous films.

    Christopher Nolan knew you guys were automatically going to see it, so he made it accessible for clowns like me.

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