Mostly Dead is Still Slightly Alive! – Zap! #2/172


In which Daniel and Greg talk about stitches (not the good kind), suburban warfare with Airsoft and paintball, gambling and sitting poolside in Las Vegas, and prose novels! Plus: comics, Red Dwarf, The Sandman and… Death?

We started off with the reason Drew couldn’t be with us this week – he was having a stitch fixed that he accidentally messed up. I related my history with stitches (hit in the head with a rock! WOOT!) and that led into a discussion about warfare.

I had no idea what Airsoft was, now I do. I’ve been schooled.

Greg shared some great stories about Las Vegas in the next segment. He was just there on vacation, and had some really fun stuff to talk about – comics, the pool at Caesar’s Palace, video poker and lots more. I introduced Greg to Pai Gow Poker and Rapid Roulette.

We had to touch on the major news from the previous weekend, the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises and the drama that went along with it. We didn’t have much to say other than to make a firm statement of solidarity with the theater-goers and fans that had to go through that awful ordeal. We will not exploit that tragedy for the sake of our show, and we hope nobody else does, either.

Greg discovered novels based on comic book properties, starting with Marvel’s Civil War. Very cool stuff, they give you a whole new perspective on the characters. We had a good laugh about calling them “prose novels” but damn if Amazon doesn’t call ’em that, too.

Red Dwarf - Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers - the novelNext up, news about Red Dwarf! New trailer! Red Dwarf X! SMEGGIN’ AWESOME! I took the opportunity to show off a couple of special “prose novels” of my own: Red Dwarf – Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Red Dwarf – Better Than Life. They’re long out of print, but check around, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon one online or in a local used bookstore. I also showed off another long out of print paperback, X-Com: UFO Defense, A Novel.

We finished with a bit about The SandmanDeath: The High Cost of Living and Death: The Time of Your Life. All excellent. All highly recommended. Start with #1 of each series.

Thanks for listening!

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