The Death of Radio! – Zap! #181


In which Daniel and Greg talk about the state of radio and its impending doom, dubbing songs to avoid “bad” words, and the upcoming Red Dwarf X premiere. Listen to this episode while shakin’ your… glass.

It’s a music-centric show this time. We began by talking about how we listen to music while we’re working. What kind of music, how loud it can be, what kind of environment we have to be in. I mentioned that music with lyrics is distracting, Greg disagreed.

What kind of headphones or earbuds do you like? I mentioned the new Apple Earpods, which I think are great. Greg’s family goes through these things like crazy, and they just go with random, low-cost things that are easily replaced. I’ll probably do the same when my kids get older and start losing theirs.

Are we witnessing the slow death of radio? I kinda hope so. It would be a mercy killing at this point. We talked about radio edits of songs and how ridiculous it is to remove “ass” from Sweet Emotion and “crystal meth” from Semi-Charmed Life. Greg brought up the odd, yet hopeful, history of 99X in Atlanta.

For the final segment, we turned away from music. In this week’s “Late to the Party”, I come in with some thoughts about watching my first James Bond movie. Yep. Never seen one before. I sat down and watched Dr. No and was not exactly blown away. We talked about Bond for about 20 minutes, and included a bit about an article that Greg found titled “Why Men Bond with the 007 Theme“.

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