With No Shurvivorsh! – or – Get Busy Swimming or Get Busy Dying! – Zap! #6/176


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg bid a fond farewell to one of the crew. Also: Facebook Timeline, Rock Sugar, Red Dwarf and Molly Danger. Only one of those four things is a rock band.

Let’s have a look at this week’s rundown.

In the A block, it’s Drew’s final episode farewell extravaganza. Drew’s been on the show for more than two years, but it is time for him to move on and concentrate on other things—his site, his family, and his job. We wish Drew all the best, and he’ll be back for at least one episode in the somewhat-near future, as he and I will produce a special episode about Game of Thrones (the books).

We touched briefly on those books, and the advantages and disadvantages of reading them on a Kindle.

The B block covers Facebook timeline, which is catching up to the holdouts. Nearly everyone has been moved to timeline now. Also – Facebook games and the time required to play them.

In the C block, Rock Sugar! Don’t Stop the Sandman, baby.

Next up in the D block, Red Dwarf has announced the episode titles for the new series, looks like it will be airing in October in the UK.

We detoured into the excellent How the Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended. Also, the Cracked article If the Dark Knight Rises Were 10 Times Shorter and More Honest. Hysterically funny stuff on both counts.

In the E block, Molly Danger is almost funded, one last push over the next few dozen hours will result in either a funded project or a very, very close one. Have you backed Molly Danger? All three of us have.

Drew mentioned two other Kickstarters he has funded recently, Castle Story and the Kick.

Wrapping up in the F block, there’s a new magazine called, simply, Geek. The site that goes along with it is GeekExchange.com, and it bears investigation since pretty much everything in the magazine that Greg bought is right in our wheelhouse. I’m sure we’ll have more to say about this magazine in weeks to come.

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