Having Fantasy Football Success In Year One

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With millions of people already seasoned veterans when it comes to fantasy sports, it might seem a bit daunting when it comes to trying to get involved for the very first time. Any competitive person though will strive to have a certain level of success, even in their first season of fantasy football, basketball, baseball or any other sport. Here’s some simple, yet essential tips to get the most out of your team when you prepare for a draft.

Learn From The Experts

Fantasy sports experts are seemingly everywhere, but the best ones are usually getting paid for the advice they give out. Sift through some of the preseason rankings to help formulate your own personal rankings for every single position that is drafted. This will save time and act as the main way to make picks when there is a time limit for each round.

Research Sleepers

In the first few rounds of a fantasy draft, the players even casual fans know are picked. However, in the later rounds, sleepers can actually make or break a team. Taking a waiver on a talented player who could breakout during the season late in a draft is a smart decision. If they do not pan out, there is probably someone on the waiver wire who can be picked up to fill the void.

Don’t Be Biased

Fantasy sports owners can’t be partial to their favorite players or teams if they want to have success. If you like the Philadelphia Eagles, that does not mean you should take Michael Vick in the first round. When you are debating between a few different players, favoritism can play a deciding role. That should be the only time though. For the most part, take the best talent available, even if they play on a team you dislike.

Understand The Rules

Sounds silly to say this, but fantasy sports are more complex than ever, so rules and settings are important. Each fantasy sports website now allows commissioners to customize their league’s scoring system. Take the time to review the rules, especially in fantasy football leagues. Options such as point-per-reception leagues, as well as head-to-head vs. total leagues can drastically alter a draft plan.

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