Two Noteworthy Appearances

Besides the usual QAQN productions, I made appearances on two podcasts recently that I think you’ll enjoy.

I joined Tim Robinson and Jon Stump for the final episode of the year: 2012 Comics in Review. We covered a lot of ground—from DC to Marvel to Vertigo to Image and more. How did DC’s New 52 shape up in 2012? How is Marvel Now! doing? Looking at the state of the industry as a whole, will we still have printed comics (or any comics) by the end of the decade? We talked for nearly two hours about this stuff and had a lot of fun.

The Podcasters' Studio

Podcast pro Ray Ortega asked me to guest on his fantastic The Podcasters’ Studio series to talk about the intersection of podcasting and affiliate marketing—two things that I’ve been doing for several years now. The upside to having two podcasters on a show like that, one with a deep topic, is that a lot of really great information comes out. The downside is that if we’re not careful, we’ll talk for hours. Ray edited it down to a tight hour-twenty, but we actually went a bit longer… and it was tough turning off the mics at the end.

After you’ve checked out the episode, shoot Ray a message on Twitter and tell him how awesome his site looks now after the redesign.

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