Better Living Through Automation

Cover of FeedFront #18For issue 18 of FeedFront Magazine, I tackled a topic near and dear to my heart: making my life easier. One of the things I’m proudest of (with regard to my podcasting and business efforts) is the script that I wrote allowing me to cut my production time down to mere minutes. What used to take an hour now requires five minutes of my time, and 90% of it is passive—I just sit there while the script runs, waiting for it to tell me it’s done.

What I didn’t really get into in the article was how scripting—good scripting—can serve you really well as your needs grow. Next week, Trisha Lyn Fawver and I will be recording our first episode of the rebooted Affiliate Marketing Fanatics podcast. In order to put that new series in my production script, I added… six lines of code. That’s it. The rest of the script is untouched because of the way the variables are set up. It’s a beautiful thing.

I describe the script in greater detail in the pages of the magazine, so have a gander. Automation rules.

Issue 18 is available to read free at

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