Katniss Everdeen: Beyond Thunderdome – Geek Dads Weekly #117


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg discuss video games for young kids, pro wrestling for grown-ups, the Walking Dead for mature audiences and Twilight for repressed housewives. Oh, and something about some movie called Hunger Games, which is for pretty much anyone.

We started off with a segment about kid video games and how they can be beneficial to a child’s development. No, we’re not saying they should sit in front of a screen all day, but we each have experience with smart kids that have been using technology and video games in educational ways.

Next, pro wrestling! Greg attended a WWE Monday Night Raw event last night! The last time I had any interest in pro wrestling was when the Jimmy “Superfly” SnukaJunkyard Dog and Hillbilly Jim were in the ring. Greg spent the better part of six hours at the event though, and had an awesome time. There’s something about attending events like that as an adult that brings back memories of being a kid. Pretty cool. Not sure I’d drop the money on a ticket any time soon, but who knows.

Speaking of Atlanta, my new favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. I just watched both seasons, and I’m hooked. We had a nice discussion about how awesome that show is, and that led – somehow – into a segment comparing and contrasting Harry Potter, Twilight and the Hunger Games. Who are these movies aimed at? What are their demographics? And is the Hunger Games really a cross between My Side of the Mountain and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome? I’d like to point out that I’m not the one that came up with “repressed housewives”, so don’t yell at me if you’re a repressed housewife who loves Twilight.

Twilight Moms. Completely rational.

Coming up this Friday, I’m recording an Affiliate Summit podcast with Mary Poiley. We’ll be talking about Affiliate Summit Central and my session, Step By Step: Podcasting for Business. Keep an eye on QAQN.com and AffiliateSummit.com to learn when it gets posted!

Greg and Drew are a little low in the mix for a while this time, sorry about that – I just added a new piece of equipment to the podcasting studio here and it needs a little tweaking.

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