Win a VIP Pass to Affiliate Summit West 2013

Five Networking+ passes are also up for grabs!

It’s that time of year again—time for a few awesome Affiliate Summit passes to be given to a few lucky winners. This time though, we’re doing it a little bit differently. You see, this time, I am in charge of the Summit Newcomer Program and I specifically asked for a VIP pass that I could give away in conjunction with that program. What does that mean?

If you are a first-time attendee of Affiliate Summit and you are willing to sign up and participate in the Newcomer Program, you are eligible to win the VIP pass!

If you are not a newcomer, or do not want to participate in the program, you may still win a Networking+ pass!

They Needed to Know – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #63


In this installment, after missing a week (blame Trisha), Trisha & Daniel debated the methods behind the lack of moderation of proposed panels for Affiliate Summit, discuss their feelings of the changes to this year’s Pinnacle Awards, and give some props to charity. Hindsight is 20/20, and we talked about the retirement of the Affiliate Marketing Legend award and our speculations, but if you listen to this week’s Affiliate Thing, Shawn explains the actual fate of the Legend award.

Do You Know How to Drive a Stick?! – Zap! #180


In which Daniel and Greg go on and on and on about Homeowners Associations, the Avengers on DVD, Second Life, the space shuttle, the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program, and Red Dwarf. Also: Greg actually ate the candy corn Oreo cookies. Dunk this episode in a glass of milk.

What Should We Call This? – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #62


In this installment, Trisha & Daniel mostly get into a discussion about seasonality in affiliate marketing and wanting more education and classes at affiliate events and less high-level presentations. Mostly.

Join the Affiliate Summit West 2013 Newcomer Program

It’s that time of year again—my turn to organize the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program! Now through December 30th, sign up to participate in the program at the Affiliate Summit website. Registration is open for newcomers who have never attended an Affiliate Summit before and for veteran volunteers who have been to at least one.

Square Peg, Round Hole Me – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #61


In this installment, Trisha & Daniel get off track and talk about affiliate marketing with splashes of sports, movies, and fitness.