At How Improv Can Improve a Podcast (Or Destroy It)

The art of improvisation can be a powerful weapon in your podcasting arsenal—but it cuts two ways. Used wisely, improv can make a good show great or a great show awesome. Used incorrectly or lazily, it can absolutely ruin what might have otherwise been a good episode. Read on as I give two examples from my own experiences: one where improvisation resulted in a great show and another that resulted in a train wreck.

There’s a lot going on. Here’s a recap.


I’ve tried doing “weekly recap” posts in the past and just couldn’t get into them. I hated being a slave to the schedule, mostly—and what about weeks when nothing much was really going on? You end up looking like a slacker!

Well, more than a few things have happened recently that I feel deserve a recap post, so here ya go. Enjoy ;)