Yet Another Weight Loss Show #12 – 224 – The Secret to Weight Loss, Again!


It’s been three weeks since the last episode… three weeks and ten pounds! How do I drop more than three pounds per week (average)? Simple!


You may recall the last time I dropped a lot of weight fast was back in February when I got sick. Well, I wasn’t sick last week, but I was hospitalized and had surgery to remove my gallbladder, so… same thing. Eight of those ten pounds I lost came just in the past 12 days; I was hospitalized for the first three, and in recovery since.

Listen for the full story, and maybe you too can lose a significant amount of weight simply by removing an organ!

I’ve still got an appendix, I wonder if they’ll take that out, too…

Thanks for listening!

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Daniel M. Clark is a podcaster and proprietor of QAQN, a writer at, and an all-around cool dude everywhere else. God, I hate talking about myself in the third-person.

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  1. I was just catching up on this podcast and thought something went wrong that there were no episodes after mid-April. Will you be bringing it back?

    1. Yes, indeed! In fact, today is Podcast Episode Recording Day apparently… I'm doing Geek Dads in about half an hour, followed by Inside Internet Marketing with your partner Missy Ward, and tonight I'll be doing Be a Better Podcaster and Yet Another Weight Loss Show. It'll be a first – all four QAQN properties in one day. I hadn't planned it like that, it just came together.

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