Do You Know How to Drive a Stick?! – Zap! #180


In which Daniel and Greg go on and on and on about Homeowners Associations, the Avengers on DVD, Second Life, the space shuttle, the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program, and Red Dwarf. Also: Greg actually ate the candy corn Oreo cookies. Dunk this episode in a glass of milk.

Are you a homeowner? Do you belong to a Homeowners Association? I’ve got a few things on my mind about those, and it’s a good thing my neighbors across the street don’t listen to this show.

The Avengers was released on DVD and Bluray, along with The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. This is not the recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. This is an animated feature based on the seminal story by Frank Miller. A+. Best animated film that DC Comics has put out in a long time.

Also out this week, the new massively multiplayer game based on the Kung Fu Panda franchi—wait, it’s actually World of Warcraft? Well, that was awkward. We’ve both played WoW over the years and have a few things to say about the game.

Anyone still playing Second Life?

I tried to take my kids to see the space shuttle here in Houston. Two hours in the car—and we live, literally, about 10 miles away from the field—we just gave up.

Speaking of spacecraft (or attempted spacecraft anyway), a woman in New Zealand attempted to send her wedding ring into space after her divorce. It did not go well.

Greg tried the new candy corn flavored Oreo cookies. They were, apparently, sickeningly sweet. He only ate five.

Have you signed up for the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program? Registration is open now! Listen in for the complete rundown, and I have more information about it right here on QAQN.

We debuted a new segment called Late to the Party. This is us getting caught up on cultural (geek cultural) items that we missed when they were popular. I’ve never seen an episode of Doctor Who. I watched three episodes, and submitted my report.

The show wrapped up with a bit about Red Dwarf. Greg watched the first three episodes of Series 5, which happens to be my favorite series. Awesome!

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