Ground Control to Major Tom! – Zap! #183


In which Daniel and Greg share some updates about the next slate of Marvel movies and television programs. In the “Late to the Party” segment: Highlander! Also, skydiving and the epic jump from the edge of space. Throw this episode out of a perfectly good balloon.

There’s some good Marvel movie updates this week!

  • Thor
  • Iron Man 3 (looks like Iron Patriot will be in this one)
  • Ant-Man has a release date of November 6, 2015, six months after the Avengers 2, which is May 1st 2015.

And in Marvel TV news, Agent Phil Coulson is set to be the lead in the new S.H.I.E.L.D. series! Yes, they killed him off in The Avengers, but death isn’t the handicap it used to be.

Speaking of Marvel… Deadpool Gangnam Style. Seriously.

Did you watch Felix Baumgartner’s amazing near-space jump? Dude went up in a balloon and jumped out like a lunatic. He broke the speed of sound. Check out this dramatic re-creation.

Finally, in this week’s installment of “Late to the Party” – Highlander! I sat down and watched this 1986, er… “classic”. It wasn’t terrible, merely a victim of being made in the 80’s. Greg told me I was “deep” in this segment because I compared it to Lethal Weapon, another movie that hasn’t aged gracefully. Apparently they’re doing a Highlander reboot with Ryan Reynolds. Could be interesting.

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