I Hate Time Travel! – Zap! #188


In which Daniel and Greg wonder WTF is up with mid-season finales, ponder 19 sci-fi movies that will change your life, and speculate about ghost violence.  

We opened with some reflection on this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping trends, and then launched into a fun discussion about my latest obsession: Doctor Who. Best show on television. Hands down.

WTF is up with mid-season finales? When did this start? Shows end in November and come back in the spring? Lame. Super lame. I thought it was an anomaly when Breaking Bad did it, now I learn (from The Walking Dead) that apparently it’s a ridiculous trend.

io9 posted a list of 19 movies that could change your life. How many have we seen? The answer may – but probably won’t – surprise you.

Rush will be performing here in Houston in less than a week, and I ordered all my concert swag online. Is that cheating? Talking about Rush led to Greg mentioning some new vinyl he got – Joan Jett and… the Pet Shop Boys? Sure, why not.

Have you seen the ghost girl hidden camera elevator prank that seems to be going around social media right now? It’s freaky… and pretty funny. I was reminded of my favorite hidden camera bit, from a show in Great Britain:

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