Take the OVER! – Zap! #9/179


In which Daniel and Greg cover one more big example of bloggers vs. journalists, new and unusual words, and online sports betting. Also, a banana pudding festival. A-yup.

We started this week with a bit about a podcasting survey. Are you a podcaster or a listener of podcasts? I know I at least got you on that second one. Could you spare about 90 seconds? This is research for an upcoming… well, let’s say “educational product” because my publisher has sworn me to something resembling secrecy. It won’t take long, I promise:


Here’s the rundown for the rest of the episode:

Greg found a really interesting article about a study involving cartoon characters and self-esteem and body image.

The National Banana Pudding Festival in Centerville, TN.

A field guide to unusual words in this week’s Wall Street Journal. Which reminds us of sniglets, Rich Hall, and Not Necessarily the News

Another difference between bloggers and journalists? Bloggers can get away with not providing sources and making the reader to the research. (I have decided not to link directly to the site we were talking about, as I do not wish to give them any link juice). This is a direct quote, and this would never happen in a newspaper:

“It is a common practice of blog readers to only skim the top part of a post. Don’t believe me? Search out the stats! It’s true.”

Our final segment was all about fantasy sports and betting on games.

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  1. Hmm, what cartoon character to identify with? Optimus sure is the obvious choice. I'm more of a Bulkhead character from Transformers Prime. I'm big and bulky. I do recall the 90's comic books because that is when I got back into comics. I also bought all the Image stuff and Rob Liefield (sp) was a huge Giant Muscles Giant Boobs artist. But them again the characters in Gen13 were also out of proportion. Can't say that a cartoon has ever influenced my self esteem.

    Thanks for the two shout outs in the show.

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