The Gorilla and the Bandit! – Zap! #185


In which Daniel and Greg tackle the tough issues of the day. Obama. Romney. The Battle for Supremacy! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Also, some minor news about Disney and LucasFilm and a contest for Affiliate Summit passes. Vote this episode for president! 

We opened this show, recorded November 6th, 2012, with a bit about voting and elections. Don’t worry, we haven’t suddenly turned into a political show—we would just be a little bit derelict in our civic duty as Americans if we didn’t talk a bit about the election.

On a more fun note, Star Wars! Lucasfilm and all of it’s DBAs were bought by Disney. That’s Lucasfilm, LucasArts, ILM, Skywalker Sound, and everything associated with all of it. Episode VII is coming in 2015, and while we were initially skeptical it could be pulled off, we’re quite optimistic. In the show, I mentioned that I thought Harrison Ford would maybe not come back if asked, but after we finished recording, Greg found this.

The final segment is for the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program. QAQN is giving away six passes to the upcoming Affiliate Summit West 2013, including one VIP pass (valued at $1,749)! Read all the details on the giveaway page, and help spread the word!

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